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A+ Interactive Math
by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.

NEW Mini Courses - Math Online (Target specific weak areas in Math!)

mini courses.
Math Mini Courses Online from A+ Interactive Math are affordable and excellent way to close learning gaps in particular areas of Math where students may have weakness. Each mini course covers a logical group of specific math concepts from several grade levels. It offers an in-depth review of math concepts from a very basic to a more advanced level. Mini Math courses help build a strong foundation in Math by providing students with consistent review of the specific areas in which they're weak.  

There are a total of 20 Math Mini Courses available Online from A+ Interactive Math. Each Math Mini Course provides 1 year access online for a very affordable price of just $9.99 to $19.99. Most students can complete each mini course in 2 to 3 months, however, you will have access to it for a full 1-year if you need to go back and review.

Math Mini Courses Online Include,
  • Multimedia Lessons that teach math concepts with fun, colorful and engaging computer animated video lessons, audio and text.
  • Interactive Review for each lesson that helps students/parents identify and close learning gaps.
  • Worksheets that provide extra practice to help master each math concept.
  • Automatic grading and tracking.
  • Easy-to-read progress reports.
  • Solution Guides that provide detailed step-by-step solutions with visuals to each problem on worksheets.
  • Full text versions of lessons that provide additional flexibility for those who like to read through the lessons.
  • Printable worksheets and tests for practice offline.