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A+ Interactive Math
by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.

Homeschool Math CD Software (Full Curriculum - Standard Edition & Premium Edition - Key Features)

Key Features- Both Standard & Premium-the fine print:
  • Comprehensive course contents that meet and exceed state and national standards.
  • Highly animated, concise and to-the-point lessons with all three learning modalities (audio, computer animated visuals and text) make learning MATH fun, easy and increase understanding of concepts.
  • Interactive Review helps identify and close learning gaps immediately as it automatically re-teaches concepts with audio, visuals and text. It enhances student learning by allowing them to practice problem solving with real-time feedback and step-by-step instructions.
  • Curriculum Book provides easy access to lessons in eBook format.
  • Printable worksheets and exams allow students flexibility to practice problem solving in a more "traditional way" with pen & paper.
  • Worksheets Solution Guide provides step-by-step solutions to each printable worksheet.
  • Exams Solution Guide provides step-by-step solutions to each printable exam
  • Reference sheets provide easy access to facts and formulas.
  • Recommended Lesson Plan helps parents in regards to pace, timeline, and ordering of material.
Premium Edition Features include:
  • Parental controls that allow parents to lock solution guides.
  • Electronic grade book allows parents to easily enter student grades to track progress and generate reports. It eliminates need to maintain paper records and risk of losing student data.
  • Weekly Certificate of Accomplishments provides weekly progress report to you student.
homeschool online math.
Quick Guide:

Exceeds State
& National Standards
Engaging Lessons
3 Learning Styles
Curriculum Book
Printable Worksheets
Step by step - Solution Guide
Printable Exams
Facts & Formulas Reference
Recommended Lesson Plans.